3 Design Game Changers

Charles Eames, the iconic modern furniture designer (of the Eames chair) and architect famously said “The Details are not details, they make the Design”.  And it couldn’t be more true….  When it comes down to it, it’s a few tiny little bits and pieces that add up to make an overall space.  Today I wanted

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This and That

Real life is not as perfectly curated according to trends as Instagram or Pinterest would make us believe, and most spaces that people live in combine elements from multiple periods, styles, places and influences.  As time goes on our taste also evolves, new pieces are purchased according to the latest trend (Kinsfolk anyone?!) or inherited,

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Gallery Wall DIY

Now this is fab DIY for lockdown to really transform an interior with using what you have at home. Transform a bare wall into a gallery wall by showing off a curated collection of paintings, prints or photographs in stylish frames. Gallery walls do so much for an interior – they infuse some pattern and

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Spilt milk

My house is starting to take a beating…. There is a smear of chocolate cake batter on my linen curtains,  Some butternut-blueberry-concoction stamped into my dining room rug, and just last week a box of All Bran Flakes was scattered all over my lounge rug and tipped into my brass vessels on my coffee table

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