Lets break it down.. What is an Accent Wall? 

And Should you have one?

Basically an Accent wall is a feature wall in an interior that is another colour or another texture to the rest.  (It does not necessarily mean colour, and can be neutral)

And YES, if you are wanting to add interest to your interior or highlight something specific in a space, then an accent wall is the most effective way. Top Tip: it is also one of the most cost effective ways to transform an interior and give it a new look!

Just like most things in life, there are Do’s and there are Do-Not’s when it comes to accent walls. Not everything should be accented or made a feature and I will elaborate on this a little further if you keep on reading….


First and foremost an accent or feature wall should have a purpose. It is the perfect way to highlight a specific function within a vast open plan room. For example the TV wall in living area.

Using paint or a texture to highlight an Architectural feature will always get a thumbs up. For example  a fireplace or moulding.

At #beachousebystyleast the fireplace wall was accented with Eartchote ‘Pandomo’ paint

An Accent or feature wall especially when patterned ( think wallpaper here) is a fantastic way to add personality in a bedroom. Usually we would do it on the main wall in the bedroom where the headboard would be positioned.  I especially love a fun patterned wallpaper in kids room or nursery.

by Liberty Interiors

An Accent wall in a bathroom ( think different tile or texture) becomes a beautiful feature in a very utilitarian space.  An accent wall in a Guest loo is also always a good idea to do something bold or fun.

This beautiful bathroom by Zephyr & Stone shows how subtle an accent can be. Same colour but different texture

Lastly, you can bring interest to a transition space by painting it a different colour or texure. For example the end wall in a passage or the wall of a stairwell.

This is a snapshot of #parkhomebystyleast. We are planning on accenting the staircase wall in textured paint.

Do Not

Do not accent the wrong wall! For example a wall that has something out of proportion on it, an architectural anamoly, or something you are wanting to hide.

Be careful about what wall you choose to accent as my picking the wrong wall and say, painting it dark, could potentially change the feeling of proportion in the room.  By picking the right wall to accent in a small space tho, is a great idea to fake the idea of space.  Especially In a dark colour as it adds depth to a space. 

Do not choose too many feature walls in a space. Remember it is an accent or feature wall and should be the star of the show .

Lastly I would say, don’t be scared of using a bold colour for your accent wall. As long as you have the right accents to co-ordinate with your new colour or texture or pattern, anything goes.

Some of my favourite finishes to accent a wall are as follows:

Wallpaper. Gosh, Were to start! There are SO many possibilities when it comes to wallpaper. From natural textures to prints and patterns from contemporary to graphic to classical. 

Gorgeous wallpaper by Lemon

Some are textured, others not, there really are ENDLESS options and one of my favourite cost effective ways to change up a space.

Earthcote texture paint. Contact the local Paintsmiths store (043 722 3765)to view their extensive samples or else you can visit their website HERE. Absolute favourites of mine are Pandomo and Granite. 

in #cliffhousebystyleast we accented the curved TV wall with Earthcote Pandomo texture paint

Other materials I am VERY into at the moment ( as you will know If you follow my Instagram feed) is Marble and other patterned stone.

Also vertical slats….Very obsessed with this detail at the moment. We are busy with a design for a commercial project and slatted walls are the accent features in both the reception and boardroom. Cant wait to see it come to life!

If you are wanting to do a quick and cost effective update to a room in your home or commercial space, consider an accent wall. Styleast is a call or click away for advice and a quote.