Scatter cushions will never go out of style. They add softness and layers to space, and are an affordable way to inject a bit of pattern and texture in a room.   If you are wanting to transform a room, the most affordable way is to change your scatters.

You can’t run out to the shops to buy some new cushions or order some beautiful fabrics to update your look right now, but what I can give you is a bit of advice on how to style your scatters,  which perhaps you can play around with at home with what you have, and of course some inspiration of fabrics and scatters I am crushing on for your post lockdown ‘wishlist’

1.First things first, use feather inserts. They might be a bit pricier than a standard fill insert, but they add an ultra-luxe look that you can’t beat. The scatters will sit better, are more comfortable and are easy to plump up, whereas standard fill scatters will deflate over time and lose their appeal.

Image by Wunders

2. Layer textures. Don’t be afraid to combine multiple textures from velvet to silk, linen to a chunky knit. Combining heavier textures with lighter ones will create visual interest and add to the visual appeal of a space.

  Top tip: Even if the colour of the scatters is all the same, make sure you mix it up with textures. 

Even if they are the same colour, play with texture

3. Vary cushion size. The scatters you chose don’t all have to be the same size. I am a big fan of a much larger scatter ( at least 650x650mm)  for a sofa or on a bed, and then bring in a smaller sized or shaped one to contrast.  A favourite scatter arrangement is known as the 2-2-1. Basically it comprises of the following : two solid colour large scatters, complimented two smaller textural or patterned scatters, positioned in front of the larger ones. This is finished of with a rectangular one with similar tones as the larger solid ones. 

the 2-2-1 principle applied
Image by Liberty Interiors

4. Shape up. A bed is the perfect place to mix around with cushion shapes. Rectangular, square, round or other shapes ( think kids rooms) all add interest, and using them in different sizes looks better too.  A layout for scatters on a bed that I really like is 2 squares with a longer rectangular in front.

image by Liberty Interiors

5. How many it too many? Work in odd numbers. Groups of three or five cushions are much more visually appealing than if they are grouped in even numbers. Also try grouping the cushions to one side of the sofa instead of arranging them symmetrically. 

Top tip : For a 3 seater sofa I would use 5 scatters.

Also just to note, for a very minimalist interior less is definitely more, so I wouldn’t do large amounts of scatters. Keep it simple but striking.

6. Play with pattern. Pattern on pattern is very on-trend.  If you are worried about mixing patterns be a bit brave as it will really pay off. When working with patterns and plains, one of the most aesthetically pleasing arrangements is to alternate them. Start with 2 fabrics which compliment each other (say a plain and patterned one in similar colours ways) Beginning at both ends of the sofa, layer one on top of the other towards the middle, alternating as you go between the 2 styles. Obviously you can add your own spin to this and introduce a third texture or pattern for some added flair. 

Image by HausbyHertex

A good look for a contemporary interior is to colour block. On a neutral sofa, introduce scatters in plain bold colours with no pattern. The interest here lies in different coloured scatters as opposed to the pattern. 

There really are no cast iron rules, except: do not place a cushion on the diagonal. Like Ever!

Some scatters and fabrics I am currently loving:

Scene collection by Villa Nova, Bokeh colour Tuscan is a personal fav of mine. 

Bokeh on the Scatters, Scene on the Sofa.
Image by Villa Nova

Terra Nova by St Leger and Viney. The textures are exquisite! I am using some of these in #cognachousebystyleast which is due for installation a few weeks after lockdown.

Epsilon design by Scion Fabrics. Gorgeous for a bedroom…

The Strangers in Paradise collection by Hertex Fabrics ( it was released towards the end of last year, so it’s not brand new, but some of the prints I still really love). They have recently released an Outdoor Velvet range which is full of dreamy colours perfect for scatters in outdoor living rooms.

Konodo by Hertex Fabrics
Image by Hertex Fabrics

My list could go on – there are just  so many gorgeous fabrics available and new ranges always been released so options are endless and we are spoilt for choice!

Hope the above tips have helped. Don’t underestimate the power of the humble scatter and how it can refresh an old sofa, change up your style and completely transform a space, very inexpensively. And if you do decide to move around your scatters at home for a new look, please tag me on Instagram , I would love to see!