In a perfect world, we would all have immaculately styled coffee tables. In reality they usually are scattered with a selection of remotes, children’s toys and last months magazines!

Whilst you are on lockdown and wondering what you can do to switch up your living area, why not give your coffee table a makeover?

Before you start styling, the first tip would be to consider how you use your coffee table. Do you use it as a surface for your cup of tea while watching Netflix? Do you love to play board games?  Do you spend a lot of time reading magazines and books in your living room?  The best coffee tables may look beautiful, but they are not functional if they do not serve the purpose for who is using it.

  • Start with a plant. This can be a plant or a sculptural succulent or small aloe. A larger arrangement can really create a bit of drama. Branches are also great ( Think orchid, eucalyptus) Dried flowers are definitely having their moment and would look amazing too.
  • Organise with trays. Use trays or boxes to keep your essentials organised. This could include remotes, matches for your scented candle, coasters, or any other small items.
  • Stack your books. You have definitely seen this all over Instagram and Pinterest! Keep it simple and minimalist and display only a collection of your favourite coffee table books.
  • Layer layer layer.  Display items that are different heights ( ie vases, candle holder) and stack items on top of others. ie. a scented candle on top of a stack of books. This allows for a much more dynamic arrangement.
  • Interesting items. While we tend to save mementos or souvenirs for console tables or bookshelves, the interesting objects have more of an impact where people congregate so don’t be afraid of mixing in some special items that have a story to tell.
  • Repetition is key. Repetition is a known trick of the trade. (read more about it HERE) Use this to your advantage and display a collection or grouping of similar items. eg. 3 round bowls.
  • Play with scale. A mistake that a lot of people make is too much of items that are similar in size. Breaking up a coffee table surface with something larger can do wonders for the overall feel of the room.

With regard to the different shaped coffee tables out there, the same tips would apply. Just take note tho that with a round coffee table too many square or rectangular objects tend to look off so always compliment it with rounder shaped items.

Good luck with your coffee table makeover and tag #lockdownhometips and Styleast if you do decide to do a little transformation.