It might not be the heart of the home like the kitchen, or the hangout spot like the family room, but the bathroom is pretty important. For a room that you are inclined to visit multiple times a day, not to mention unwind in after a long day, it definitely needs to feel special!  

Now that we have spent a good 42 days in our homes, you have probably considered doing a little bathroom revamp down the line so here are some design features I am loving:

  1. Skylights

I have been binge watching last season of The Block Australia (please don’t tell me who wins!) and I am in love with the use of skylights in those bathrooms.  A skylight placed above a shower creates THE most beautiful lighting. We are doing a skylight above the shower in the main ensuite in one of my design projects currently on site. (#riverhousebystyleast) Cant wait to get back to it and see it come to life!

I mean, how beautiful!

2. Interesting lighting

This would probably be the biggest tip I could give you. Try use different types of lighting in a bathroom other than standard down lights. Perhaps a stand out pendant fitting over a bath? Or my personal favourite, incorporating wall lights. Other types of lighting to consider is LED strip lighting under cabinetry or in recesses.

Other tip with lighting is to consider the colour of the lighting, sometimes a cool white can look to sterile in a room dominated by hard finishes so consider a warm white LED.

3. The Subway Tile reinvented 

I once read somewhere that subway tiles were like a good pair of jeans, a classic staple. 

Fast forward to 2020 and there are so many variations available which I am loving, specifically the handmade variety that have a bit more texture and an organic look to them , a charming break from the uniformity of the porcelain styles.

And then of course there is the format in which you can lay them. Horizontal, brick-bond, vertical, herringbone or basket weave. Its a really versatile tile.

If you are in East London Cape Tiles has a diverse range of subways.

4. Brass tap ware

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I do like a bit of gold in an interior ;)

Brass tap ware is not that readily available in South Africa (so still quite pricey) but hoping it becomes more readily available soon as it’s a really classy elegant look when paired against white or grey.

Check out Lavo Bathroom Concepts for brass hardware as well as The Best Tile Company.

5. Textures

Another look that I love in a bathroom is forgoing tiles for a textured wall finish. Paintsmiths supply some Earthcote textured paints that can be used in bathroom with a waterproof overlay, making them a substitute for tiles. A favourite of mine has to be Pandomo which has a beautiful plastered look.

To see the physical samples or get a quote contact the local Paintsmiths branch in East London on 043 722 3765, or check out their website.

For some more bathroom tips read this blog I did 2 years ago HERE. It also has some lovely design details that I like to use in a bathroom to really up the ante in the design stakes.