WFH, (“Working from home”)  has become a world wide phenomenon as a result of Covid-19. 

We have been required to create a work space in the home and ensure that we are as productive as we would have been in the office.

However, few people have dedicated home offices. And many remote employees are now digesting their new work setting, mastering new technologies to enable remote work and meetings , coping with stress of remote work and also juggling everything else that comes with being at home, such as home schooling, entertaining children, cleaning the house and finding ways to maintain physical and mental health. (PHEW!!)

Even tho lockdown levels are due to ease up further, many are still going to be working from home for the forsee-able future, thus I thought I would share some tips on how to create a work space in your home. Whether its temporary for the next few months or a designated space in your home to plan for.

  1. Desk or work surface

While your dining room table has had to suffice as a work space, a room or work surface in a room specifically devoted to work can help you focus and create a clear definition between work time and leisure time.

This doesn’t mean you need a whole room to become a study.  Simply having a small desk or table within a bedroom with a nice chair works. I do think multifunctional rooms are going to become more popular going forward- a room that may function as a study-guest bedroom-playroom …..perhaps even gym?

Just another tip, as you envision the type of desk or work surface you need, think about all the functions of the type of work you do.  Paperwork? Computer based work? Drawing work?

Have a look at these options from Knus as well as Weylandts ( who are having a sale!). They are all online retailers so able to deliver.

Some options from Knus
  1. Storage

Keeping an office organised can be a struggle for many. Especially, if you’re someone who has a tendency to become buried under an untidy desk, so it’s crucial to incorporate plenty of storage solutions into your design, not just for decor purposes but for productivity levels too.

Ideally if you have the space available, cabinets or built-ins are ideal for storing larger items. Open shelving is an easy way to mix functional items and decor elements as well. 

I would really tend to stay clear of standard office supply storage solutions for your desktop or shelving unit,  and look at baskets, soft baskets or interesting containers to store items. 

Knus has some great items available as showcased in their ‘office’ blog which randomly arrived in my inbox this morning! Talk about good timing!

Storage and shelving solutions from Knus
  1. Chair

A comfy chair is key. While that used to mean buying something black with plastic arms and wheels, its no longer the case. The desk chair has upgraded to a variety of styles, colours and finishes. When considering your chair keep in mind ergonomic support and height adjustment.

Office Chairs
  1. Lighting. 

Yes I am going to drum on about lighting again. It is so important to get the lighting right where you work. Natural light is great as it also lifts the mood and promotes productivity. Too bright will come off as clinical and will be sure to make you feel more tired as opposed to proper ambient lighting.  I recommend task lighting ( As in a designated desk lamp) . Again, there are so many options on the market that not only offer appropriate lighting, but inject a bit of personality and style into the space. 

Lots of options at Lighting Warehouse. They are online and delivering!

  1. Flooring

Having a softer and warm surface underfoot is definitely more desirable. Think rugs, rugs , rugs.  (Altho not a fluffy shaggy that your desk chair could get stuck in!

  1. Plants    

Live plants do more than just decorate a work space, studies have shown that plants can increase productivity and make you overall happier and calmer while you work.

  1. Colour palette

Bold colours are not really advised to use in a home office environment. Yellow for instance can actually induce anxiety. In the midst of Covid-19 I do think paler, earthy tones are becoming more appealing as they promote calm and warmth, all things we want in a time of great uncertainty. They would be very zen and appropriate in a work space.

I don’t think there are any rules you need to follow here tho, as whatever colouring you find appealing to yourself would be a good option!

8. Personalise

Artwork, crystals, a cherished family memento. When it comes to comforting home office ideas, it pays to surround yourself with familiar and cherished items so you can take much needed breaks while admiring your personal items. Just be sure that whatever you do install, keeps you distraction free. A great idea would also be to include a gallery wall ( read all about that HERE)

Some desk top storage solutions from Knus- think unique and interesting

However you see WFH – a challenge or benefit, these tips will help you with current situation and help you plan for a very productive and aesthetically pleasing place in your home going forward.