Now this is fab DIY for lockdown to really transform an interior with using what you have at home. Transform a bare wall into a gallery wall by showing off a curated collection of paintings, prints or photographs in stylish frames.

Gallery walls do so much for an interior – they infuse some pattern and colour into a space as well as being one of the best ways to personalise an interior.

Here are a few tips to turn your wall decor dreams into reality:

  1. Curate your collection

There are no cardinal rules when it comes to gallery walls, choose what you like.  If you are not sure where to start, choose something you like to look at. There is really no wrong way to choose art.

Some people build up a collection over time and add to it as they go on, this a wonderful idea in adding items from travels or memories as the years go on.

An approach that I would suggest for lockdown is to use art, photographs or prints that you already have in your home in different areas or rooms in your house, and ‘rehome’ them to create a new gallery wall collection thus transforming a space with a new look.

  1. Do a trial run 

Before hanging the gallery wall, do a trial run.  The easiest way is to arrange the pieces on the floor before making any holes.  Move them around until you find the right flow. I have done a step by step gallery wall myself before, read here for more tips and photos of each step. 

read my other blog post for step by step photos

3. Balance

Always start in the centre and work out from there. To maintain balance, try adhering to the following ratio: follow every extra large piece with two large, two medium and three small ones to fill in the gaps.

some template examples.

4. Spacing

Hang the frames at eye level ( approx 160cm from the floor finish) or 10—15cm above furniture. The optimal distance between frames is about about 5 cms. Your frames can be different materials or designs ( I definitely encourage this) but by keeping the spacing between the frames constant, it creates continuity and even the most eclectic collection will come together.  

5. Styling

If you have a more contemporary or minimalist interior, try a linear or grid arrangement for a more sophisticated look. 

For a more relaxed look, an eclectric arrangement is the way to go, try mixing and matching frame shapes. ( rectangular, oval, circular)

Top Tip : To achieve a very cohesive and put together look I would suggest a common colour or central concept to tie all the elements together. 

If you are needing to add a piece to your gallery wall take a look at online store Knus, They have some great options ( only available after lockdown) but perhaps you can accommodate for it anyway. Also a lovely time to incorporate all your kids artwork that you have been doing during quarantine.