Charles Eames, the iconic modern furniture designer (of the Eames chair) and architect famously said “The Details are not details, they make the Design”.  And it couldn’t be more true….  When it comes down to it, it’s a few tiny little bits and pieces that add up to make an overall space.

 Today I wanted to talk about a few of those design details that shouldn’t be overlooked. And honestly, if you do nothing else, you’d be surprised at how making the following small changes can instantly transform your space.  Game changers they are. 


This is probably one of the biggest tips I could ever share: curtains should be hung as high, and as wide, as your room allows. It is the quickest way to make your space, and windows, feel bigger and brighter, and is an absolute game changer the moment they’re hung. 


I’ve mentioned my love for really good lighting a number of times over the years, (read HERE) but this time I’m talking more about your quality of light (as in bulbs) and less about your fixtures. Lighting is one of those things that should never be overlooked, and nothing ruins a space more than overly yellow, or harsh white lighting.   I think it is also important to remember what the function of the room when looking at lighting as there is nothing worse than a sterile living space when a warm glow would be preferred or moodier lighting in a bathroom when practically brighter lighting is needed


I’ve been in the Interior Design industry for a good few years now and have been involved in my fair share of furniture installs than I can count. Each and every time, without question, the moment a rug goes down is the very instant that a house feels like a home.  Not only does it help ground and define each space (so important in open plan spaces) but that layer adds an element of cozy and comfortability that isn’t easily achieved in any other way. Like I said before, game changers they are.