When you think of wallpaper, does the image of a faded, peeling floral pattern in your great grandmother’s living room come to mind?!

Wallpaper has really moved on since those days, and there are plenty of modern and stylish ways to incorporate the most gorgeous patterned or textured paper into your home, whether you want to wallpaper an entire room or just add some flair to a piece of furniture.

So here are a few ideas on how to use wallpaper, which will hopefully inspire you…

1. As a feature wall. A feature or accent wall is still the most common way to use wallpaper, as a statement is created usually on one wall in the room or a specific focal point (alcove, fireplace mantle etc) This provides interest and is cost effective as not much wallpaper is used.  A feature wall is the highlight of the room and really adds drama and character to a space, so a definite game changer to transform a space.


Wallpaper is a great tool to use as a feature in a room
Wallpaper is a great tool to use as a feature in a room


as an accent to highlight an alcove
as an accent to highlight an alcove

I have to say tho, that I think a feature wall is losing its appeal and people are becoming more daring and open to wallpapering whole rooms, as in all four walls. We have Pinterest and Instagram (and the constant feed of beautiful interiors) to thank for this new bolder, dramatic approach, which I just love!

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2. On the ceiling. Wallpaper is not just for walls. For a really bold look, try it on the ceiling. A bit of pattern or texture overhead can help give the room a more defined look and create a feeling of intimacy or make a room larger depending on the type of pattern or texture chosen.



3. In a small space. Installing wallpaper in a small space, such as a guest loo, is one of my favorite things to do. It is the perfect place to go OTT, and surprise visitors to your home! A pattern en masse can also make the room appear a tad bigger.



4. To reflect light. Instead of a mirror, use a wallpaper with a shine or metallic detail to bounce light around a moodier or darker space. Some wallpapers even have glass beads in them which also help with light reflection.

Note the shine
Note the shine


5. Pops of pattern.  If you are still not sold on pattern, take baby steps. There are plenty of small ways to incorporate wallpaper into home decor without committing to an entire wall…. Look at wallpapering a bookshelf, or a chest of drawers. Simple and highly effective! (And it is a good way to use leftovers from a roll of paper!)

wallpaper in a bookshelf is a simply and highly effective way  to change up a piece
wallpaper in a bookshelf is a simply and highly effective way to change up a piece
Upcycle a chest of drawers
Upcycle a chest of drawers