Today I am going to be sharing a major insider secret…
When it comes decorating, 3 is the magic number! This is something that you can use and apply to most aspects of decorating

To explain: items that are arranged in odd numbers, specifically three; are more appealing, memorable and create more of a statement than even numbered groupings.

So why the odd number? Three is the smallest number that can be used to form a pattern in our heads. Also an odd number just looks a bit more casual and natural than an even number which would be a bit too balanced and symmetrical.

Here are some ways to use this guideline….

1. Feature lighting

I am very passionate about feature or accent lighting. You can read more about it here.

3 pendants
3 pendants

2. Texture
Layering textures create visual interest in an interior. See how this is applied in this all-white scheme

3. Side tables
I love a cluster of side tables. One would look so lonely and lost! Not only is it functional, but looks great in a living room.

4. Colour
You can even go as indepth as applying the rule of 3 to choosing colour for your interior. 60:30:10 is the ratio that is applied with 60% been the main room colour, 30% the secondary colour and 10% the accent colour. In this case, Charcoal, yellow and pop of pink!

grey and brights
5. Artwork
Again, the rule of 3 just looks best!
If you are wanting a more informal grouping with lots of frames, I would incourage an odd number. 13 anyone?



6. Accessories

Vases, accessories, objet… Whatever bits of interest you have to personalise your space, just look best when arranged in a group of 3

untitled9 untitled8


Remember this just a guideline and not something set in stone.. sometimes we like to break rules too!

Decorating is meant to be fun, so enjoy experimenting and playing around!


**All images courtesy of Pinterest**