Every year the Pantone Colour Institute announces it’s Colour of the Year and everyone in the design and fashion industry takes note. I’m going to put myself out there by saying this (don’t slate me!), but I don’t think this colour prediction actually influences the world of interiors too much ….well certainly not here in South Africa!(this is my own opinion!)

I look at back at past Colours of the Year and how little of an impact they actually made in interior decorating and design…2014 was Radiant Orchid, a shade of Lilac. I actually had to look this up as I had no recollection of the colour it was so insignificant! 2015 was Marsala, a wine Red. Last year was the dual combination of Rose Quartz (light Pink) and Serenity (a pale Blue)… Whilst these colours I feel did come through in fashion and other design disciplines perhaps; in interiors they did not really make a statement and certainly did not have any longevity. We were not painting walls deep red or upholstering chairs in pale pastel shades….

Will 2017 be any different?

This year the colour is Greenery, a acid/limey Green. Whilst I am not surprised that the colour is Green, I am surprised at the tone and saturation of it (hello bright!) I am totally crushing towards a darker more richer hunter-green this year and really do feel like that is a colour to watch as opposed to its more vibrant relative. I do understand the theory behind the colour choice tho, which is to reconnect with nature, along with its properties of been an optimistic, uplifting, positive colour amongst a world of change…. (American political uncertainty perhaps?!)

How will this colour be translated into interiors this year? I definitely think the approach of ‘less is more” is the way to go. I have included some images below of contemporary interiors that have introduced this pop colour effectively and stylishly.

The colour works well in this grey toned minimalistic interior
images (1)
Greenery in a small amount works well with warm wood
This moody dark Green is my colour crush! i love how the Greenery pops off it
White really makes the colour pop!

I am loving indoor plants and foliage at the moment and do think this is a great way to bring a bit of Greenery into your interior successfully as well encompassing the spirit behind the colour choice!





What are your thoughts on the 2017 colour of the year? I’d love to hear your comments!