Well where should I begin…..

First of all I must apologize for my hiatus from blogging which lasted for more than a year. A whole year. Yikes!   2015 disappeared in a blur and I have soooo much to catch you up on.

First of all, I had a baby! I am the proudest mommy to the most beautiful baby girl Mackenzie, who is nearly a whole half a year old! She is my greatest achievement in life and I just can’t put into words properly, what a rewarding and amazing experience this continues to be for me!

Needless to say, the beginning part of last year was taken up with planning and preparing for the big arrival. Translation : working like a madman so I could take a bit of a ‘break’ when she came. Infact just 2 days before she arrived, I was still delivering furniture to clients with my very large pregnant belly!
Then the latter part of the year was the ‘baptism-of-fire’ sleep-deprived-haze, looking after a newborn. Inbetween feeding and sleeping schedules and changing nappies, (and still keeping my business on the go) there was definitely no time for blogging and Instagram! #sleepissacred!

Another big change that happened in 2015 was the ending of my business partnership with Carina. Just like Take That, The Spice Girls and 1Direction, we decided to stop making music designing together . There really was no drama, and we continue to be on each others speed dials and best of friends ;)

If you live in East London, you may have also noticed that StylEast – the shop – just disappeared from Chamberlain Road like a ghost in the night! I am definitely still in business, just a little change of address to my home office.

So phew! That was the very condensed version of 2015!!! Bumper year for sure!

Now 2016 is upon us.    I of course have a long list of new years resolutions (read more, eat less etc etc) and all kinds of exciting things planned for StylEast. First of all I can promise a whole lot more blogging with some really exciting features. (Read About why I have a blog here) So please stay tuned as I share my finds, musings, designs and thoughts with you! I can’t wait!


Baby Love
Baby Love