Recreate this space – The Outdoor Room

Following my blog earlier this week on how to update your outdoor space this summer, here is an example of a great patio with a few of the features I was writing about that you can re-create yourself using local suppliers.

Can you spot the accent stools in different textures?!

List of items and suppliers below:

  1. limestone textured paint, colour ‘misverstand’ by Earthcote

  1. karoo coffee table, Mr Price Home

  1. vase porcelain sandy tall 35cm, @home

  1. ceramic vase stripy round 20x20cm, @ home

  1. full cowskull with horns (80-89cm), Weylandts

  1. rustic square wall art, Weylandts

  1. rustic round wall art, Weylandts

  1. tribal scatters , Hertex Fabrics – contact Styleast for pricing
  1. hanging pod rope white, contact Styleast
  1. brighton rug colour earth, ┬áHertex Fabrics – contact Styleast for sizing and pricing
  1. minsk throws colour flax, contact Styleast for colours and pricing
  1. plantation table synthetic white, Styleast
  1. munggur bun side table,Weylandts