Today is the first post of a weekly series I will be posting called “Recreate that Space”


We all have Pinterest boards full of beautiful interiors, but more than often these interiors are European or American.  Each week I will be featuring an inspiring interior where I will show you how to achieve the look using local suppliers, products and materials.

Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest

List of items:

  1.  black mesh pendant: the lighting warehouse


  1. medium geo holder white : @home


  1. votive holder brass triangle cutout 8cm : @home


  1. lamp stand bottle shape brushed copper : @home


  1. Palm Springs Flamingo: Superbalist


  1. wilderness throw coyote colour earth : Hertex Fabrics


  1.  je taime scatter : boardmans×30-je-taime-skatterz-57839174.html


  1. Zebra fabric for scatter: Mavromac fabrics  R512p/m


  1. trigonometry fractal colour spaceship fabric for scatter : Hertex Fabrics


  1. trigonometry prism colour pirate : Hertex Fabrics


  1. cargo fully upholstered couch colour aswan asphalt : Coricraft                         &pc=fully upholstered couch&div=cnr


12. legacy rug barolo colour grey : hertex fabrics


  1. marquet coffee table : @home