Part of the fun of a new year is trying out new things. We have put together our top ten list of what the look of 2015 will be…keep your decor magazines close to see if our predictions come true!


1.Colour me pretty

Bye bye beige! This year we predict a sophisticated colour scheme with basics ranging from crisper whites to shades of grey and muted pastels. For a long time we’ve been seeing mostly bright, white interiors and we predict some diversity within the ‘neutral’ colour sheme. On the other side of the spectrum, rich moody colours will also be very popular, this is due to global influences which is another hot trend to keep your eye out for. From inky blues to plum to hunter green – these colours will be running riot in 2015.

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Feature walls are sooo 2014! this year it is all about ‘Zone’ painting. In other words demarcating areas with paint…. so instead of painting one wall in your lounge  Charcoal, all the walls would be painted Charcoal in contrast to the neutral stone colour running throughout your home, thus demarcating the lounge area. This look is certainly more dramatic and eye catching and will up the interior-ante in a big way.

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The influence of cultures from many different countries has been enriching our own for a long time now. We see the influence not only in colour, texture and pattern but also in the “mix it all up” style of decoration that we tend to use….layering, Right now, designs from places like Turkey, Morocco, India are especially popular: their rich colors and intricate patterns and textures are a good fit with the rest of 2015’s trends. African design is also very 2015 with the rest of the world looking at our continent for inspiration – this ranges from colours, manufacturing techniques to pattern.



Just like Mascara and a kohl eyeliner highlights your eyes, so does black highlight architectural features within the home. This is a tres’ chic trend that we are crazy about! So think black hardware, black fixtures, and black trim popping up everywhere. If you not so brave, charcoal window frames are a good place to start as they frame the view outside your window more effectively.



Last year we were loving the subway tile, couldn’t get enough! This year colorful and printed tiles are making waves in the world of renovating and we love them! They’re especially gorgeous when used in contrast to stark, modern kitchens and bathrooms. We adore the play on the Fornesetti Faces that KT Tiles has done. Another favorite of ours the are hexagonal printed tiles from Douglas Jones. (hello Global Village!) Add some personality to your space by a pop tile.



Social media is not only having an influence on how we live our lives, but also how we appreciate seeing things around us. We live in a visual world where we are bombarded with photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest and Twitter and now that is translating into our interiors. Photographic images and images have been manipulated with “instagram like” filters will be seen in wall art, soft furnishings and accessories. Advancements in digital printing have made the possibilities to use images unlimited….just look how popular Nifty 250 has become. Artworks can now be whatever size you like, put wherever you want and designed to feature whatever takes your fancy.



Texture has been creeping back into home decor for a while as a reaction to the slick, minimalist looks that prevailed in the early 2000’s. We predict that texture will be especially important in 2015, with furs (faux please!), warm woods, and patterned ethnic textiles stealing the spotlight. Remember layer layer layer!!!!



The popularity of matte finishes has come about right on the heels of adding more texture and interest into our interiors. A matte finish gives an object a raw, edgy look and also allows you to appreciate the overall form and material that an item is made of. This trend is growing in everything from tapware, lighting, furniture, accessories, kitchens and bathrooms, right through to entire rooms.



Environmental consideration is no longer something that just sits in the back of our heads.  We recognise that the way that we live in the world and what we take from it ultimately has an impact directly upon us.  Environmentally friendly design, sustainability, products that require less energy, reducing the running costs of our homes, new lighting options, repurposing, recycling, up-cycling and new hybrid materials are either standard or continue to emerge.



Industrial style pieces in the home have been a staple in the past few years, mainly in the form of lighting and furniture. The industrial look has grown up a bit in 2015. It’s more refined and without the grunge, rust and nitty gritty.   Some South African designers who have this look down are Pedersen and Lennard, Dokter and Misses and Studio 19. The furniture and homeware items produced provide character that contrasts nicely with other items.



So these are our predictions! Let us know what you think and which trend you will embracing this year.