Mirrors have a variety of uses in the home, such as reflecting light, opening up space and generally enhancing the decor. Here are a few tips on how to use them effectively around your home…

DO use large mirrors in tiny rooms.
A large mirror in a small room creates the illusion of depth, so don’t be scared to go big!




DON’T place mirrors at random around your home.
It might be tempting to hang up a mirror to cover empty wall space, but make sure it’s reflecting something that’s worth looking at. The worst thing you can do is hang mirrors so they’re reflecting random things in your home. For example, you’d never want to place a mirror in a spot where it could reflect a pile of clutter, or even an unattractive piece of furniture! You want a mirror to reflect a nice view, light, piece of art, wall texture or furniture.

Remember what view you will be reflecting when placing your mirror


Love the reflection
Love the reflection



DO make mirrors a focal point.
“I absolutely LOVE a mirror leaning against a wall. It looks so effective and makes a great focal point. If you really want to up the ante, place a spotlight behind it, thus creating a nice glow behind it.
One bold piece or a grouping, can set the entire tone for the room.

Love a leaning mirror!


A beautiful unusual frame really makes a statement

  Montagna Lunga 04/2012 Woning Kortenberg

Just love a grouping


DON’T go overboard with mirrors in every room
Mirrors are not necessary in a kitchen. Even tho I have once used a mirror as a splashback in a kitchen, (and it looked amazing!) I wouldn’t recommend using a mirror in this room as it would need constant maintenance with regards to water marks.

I would also be careful with placement of mirrors in dining rooms – there is nothing worse than watching oneself chew!

Remember that some spaces can really benefit from mirrors such as your outdoor patio, as this really helps create the feeling of it been an indoor room. Read more about that here.

Be careful about what type of mirror, and mirror placement in a dining room


A mirror used on a patio or outdoor space is a great way of reflecting nature, and making the space feel more like a room


DO use mirrors in narrow walkways
A smaller, horizontal mirror works in a narrow passage or staircase. This will act to widen the space, which creates a better flow from room to room.

Large leaning mirror in a hallway