Marble’s use in architecture, art and design can be traced back many thousands of years to early Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. The Parthenon, Taj Mahal, and Michelangelos’s ”David” are just some of the historic masterpieces where marble has been used.

Marble has moved on from then, and while it is still classical and elegant, it is been revived in contemporary forms and is a striking complement to modern urban interiors.




I just adore marble, especially the white with grey veined one (called Carrara) but a starting price of over R7000 per m², this exquisite material certainly isn’t for everyone’s budget…. So here are some ideas to introduce marble into your interior without breaking the bank.

Why not introduce a piece as a splashback in your kitchen or bathroom? The beautiful grain of marble just adds a bit of sophistication to a space.  It also looks great with stainless steel or coppery/rose gold accessories.


Caeserstone offers  some designs as part of their range called “Frosty Carina” and “Calcatta  Nuvo” which are very similar to Cararra marble. So if you want a little bit more than a splashback in your kitchen, this could be a more cost effective solution for you.

Caeserstone 'Calcatta Novu'
Caeserstone ‘Calcatta Novu’

Other ways of bringing the marble look in can be through furniture pieces.  A marble top offers a very durable and beautiful surface that looks great in  a contemporary interior.




This side table can be bought online here.lyra_table_white_marble esque
Or this stool here.

Stool_Marble_Grey esque

Light fittings are another way to introduce bits of marble into your interior.  I love these pendant fittings from Country Road.  A grouping would be gorgeous and very  unique!

Lastly,  a really cost effective way would be to bring marble in through decorative accessories. Think artwork, vases, kitchen accessories etc


This print can be bought online here.Copper_cross-400x533 simply home

The Giner jar and other similar vases here.DSC_1294 ginger jar esque


@Home has lots of homeware and kitchen accessories with marble patterning at the moment.
18022946 canister set @home