Happy New Year, its 2013! That means a brand new year of new fresh ideas, new exciting designs and new trends to follow (or set!)

A few weeks back Dulux paint announced their colour for 2013, deep rich Indigo. Dulux describes their colour of the year as ‘soothing, honest, relaxing and inspiring’ – a colour that calms and soothes. Indigo is an inky dark blue that some even describe as magical.   With the mounting pressure of daily living and financial woes, home needs to be a haven and sanctuary, and apparently Indigo blue is the perfect colour antidote for this!

Pantone is not a paint company. They are the big giant of color influence. Any industry that works with color from fashion to designers to graphic artists to pastry chefs all look to Pantone for influence and guidance on color trends. Monaco Blue is Pantones colour of Spring 2013.  It is kind of like a duller navy and cobalt hybrid.  It is THE colour of the moment in the fashion world! ( my lust item for 2013: a Monoco Blue bag!)

Another blue hue that is very H-O-T in 2013 is Union Jack Blue, as made famous by the Queens Jubilee Celebrations in 2012 as well as the Olympic Games that were hosted in London.  Pantone Color Institutes’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, explained that the shade “speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society. You have to realize there is still concern out there for the economy.” Speaking of practicality, note that the runner up color is also a blue—Dusk Blue.

It is however not all doom and gloom and hues of blue in 2013! Pantones official colour for 2013 is Emereld Green! Surprising choice, but a colour very elegant, rich and saturated!

So keep your eyes out for a sea of Blues and Greens dominating interiors and decorating accessories this year. They are colours both classic but modern at the same time, evoking relaxation and balance, yet sensual and enigmatic.

Have a fabulous year ahead and watch this space for exciting projects and inspiring creative’s to meet!

january blues