If you have been following our Facebook page, you will excuse us for the not-so-regular blog posts! We have been super busy the last few weeks moving into our new showroom-cum-design studio! Yes, you read right, we have a new digs!

It has been quite a lengthy (but loving!) process transforming our interior that was once part of the infamous Oxford Book Exchange into an interior design showroom.   Inbetween stripping the original space and starting our canvas from scratch, B threw in a little trip to NYC and Vancouver (Amaaaazing!!), Carina got married, and then there was her honeymoon in the Seychelles (Shame!) and work trips to both Cape Town and Jozi! PHEW

So between all the excitement and happenings in our personal lives , as well as keeping our clients happy, we had the mammoth task of creating the most Tres chic interior, no pressure!!

Here are some Before and After pics showing the entire process of how we transformed the space….

the VERY beginning. Still a book store
books books and more books. and some very old blue carpeting……
Shelves and books all gone!
Our blank canvas
Walls and flooring starting to take shape
Walls and flooring starting to take shape
The oak floor getting stained to a beautiful ebony
the partition begins…..
Shelving for all our beautiful goodies
Yip! we are ‘hands on’ designers!

There were many things we needed our interior to be and lots of things we wanted to do. One of those been to partition the space to create a separate store room for all our samples and brochures – believe you me there are plenty! Our other major prioirity was to make our little white box look bigger. We achieved both by creating a dividing wall from mirrors…..clever hey?!

really starting to look like a showroom now!
The meeting table/counter has arrived
our linen sheer curtains going up
the unpacking begins….

And here it is….ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



We wanted to create an interior that is reflective of StylEast – an exciting mix of fresh ideas and youthful energy!    The look is contemporary with clean lines and modern materials, but warm, textural and layered.

We wanted to do as much as possible with the limited floorspace and show off as much as what we do as possible. Our showroom-cum-studio is filled with beautiful furniture that we sell and design, as well as homeware and lifestyle accessories.   We have created a lounge (the sofa is amazing for creative brainstorming sessions in the avie sun #wishful thinking!) and we have a meeting table that cleverly hides….. more samples!

A combination of materials and textures create a warm and layered space (look at the beautiful server!)

We have a little work area at the back of our space which is the powerhouse of StylEast…that’s where all the creativity and organising happens!   It also has great views of Chamberlain Street passing us by!

Thanks so much to our fabulous team of sub contractors who helped us create our beautiful new home, they definitely require special mentions! So here goes it:

  • Simon and Jen from Earthcote – gorgeous wall textures to check out!
  • Val from Oggie – come see the beautiful Oggie Timber Flooring range, its beautiful
  • Andre from Everest Granite – we have a selection of Caesar Stone and Marble on show
  • Kenny from KLD Joinery
  • Deidre from Bacalum
  • Bruce from CoolSpark
  • Shaun and his team from Timbercraft

Huge thanks to all the amazing and talented suppliers that we have teamed up with too! We really went to lengths to design and source furniture and homeware that is unique to East London, and our showroom is filled with items that are just so!

We would also like to thank our personal ”A Team” who helped us sand, paint, drill, diamond grind (Yes, we all got our hands dirty!) brought us refreshments, carried furniture and boxes, helped move in, clean and unpack stock! You guys are all amazing and our biggest supporters of which we are extremely grateful.

If you have not been to see our new showroom, please pop in! We are situated at Shop no 2, Chamberlain 4 U Centre, Chamberlain Road, Berea. We would love to show you all the amazing things that we sell and design!

And we have a Nespresso machine, so the coffee is not too bad either!



Some behind the scenes shots………………





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