Edition 2

TGIF! What a week is has been!

  • This week we are loving the” Feedly” app. Trust us! It’s a neat container (with categories!) for all the blogs we love and follow. Gone are the days of frantic scrolling and clicking through bookmarked “love blog” folders. All new posts of your favourite blogs are marked as unread, so very easy to keep track of and catch up! And most importantly, you can add www.Styleast.wordpress.com and never miss an entry ;)  http://cloud.feedly.com/


  • IOS7. Carina is a little Apple obsessed, so imagine her excitement when the new operating system came out this week! We love the new interface and look.


  • Stoned Cherrie, the homegrown fashion aficionados have branched out and designed their own range of gorgeous, “afro-chic” ceramic tableware. This range is going to be available in stores and online from October . We just love the teapots! www.stonedcherrie.co.za
Stoned Cherrie ceramics
Stoned Cherrie ceramics
  • Personalized desktop backgrounds. We are big on these at StylEAST as we spend alot of time in front of our laptops and like to have pretty things to look at in between all the drawing, drafting and admin! October is around the corner (eeek!) so we thought we’d share our inspiration for the next month with you! Feel free to download it and use it on your PC too
October desktop - feel free to download it and use it
October desktop – feel free to download it and use it too!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great (loooong) weekend!