Edition 5

It’s been one of those kinda weeks!! SOO…as an antidote to the week-that-was, we are sharing some light-hearted, fun interior and homeware¬†products with you…Hope they make you smile!

  • Love these balloon pendant lights! Check out more from the designer at http://www.borisklimek.com/en/produkt/
Balloon pendant lights from Boris Klimek
Balloon pendant lights from Boris Klimek
  • Paper and metal laser-cut light fittings from Dutch extraordinaire designer Tord Boontjie! Me (B) and Carina got ours a few years ago in London and have moved with them all over the show! They make gorgeous shadows!

    ''Garland'' by Tord Boontjie
    ”Garland” by Tord Boontjie
Tord Boontjie lasercut lights
Tord Boontjie lasercut lights
  • A Magis ”Me Too Puppy” – how cute are they! And perfect for those wanting a ‘pet’ without the commitment!
Magis "Me Too" puppy, available in 3 sizes
Magis “Me Too” puppy, available in 3 sizes
  • Who wouldn’t want a ”Pig Table” to serve their guests?! Brought to you by another Dutch design powerhouse, Moooi.
Pig Table -Moooi
Pig Table -Moooi
  • The Alessi team never disappoint with their fun designer homeware products. A really fun one is this salt and pepper set called the “Banana Brothers“!
The "Banana Brothers" salt and pepper set
The “Banana Brothers” salt and pepper set

That’s all Folks! Hope you all have a great weekend