You’ll have to forgive us if we a bit loved up this month! 

Love is in the air at StylEast HQ in a big way……C is getting married later this month (Hooray!) and I, (B) just got engaged!

To celebrate all of this, and as an Ode to Valentines Day, we have put together a colour mood board of Red and Pink to inspire and delight all the hopeless romantics out there…..

Love is in the Air

Here is a bit of an insight into the properties of each colour :

RED:  Symbolizes Action, Confidence, Courage, Vitality.

 Inject some va-va-voom Red in your life when you want:

-Increased enthusiasm & interest

-More energy

-Action & confidence to pursue your dreams

(Oh and don’t forget that when a woman wears red it can heighten their sexual allure….Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she goes to the opera, Chris de Burgh’s “Lady in Red” etc!)

PINK:  Symbolizes Love, Beauty

It is the colour of universal love.

Read our blog on Pink from October last year called “Think Pink ” for more about this colour.

Happy Valentines Day and have a great weekend!