Styleast is a young, up-and-coming Interior Decor + Design studio based in East London, South Africa.

Always looking to set new standards and pushing boundaries with unlimited creativity and imagination, Styleast is an exciting mix of fresh ideas and youthful energy.

Styleast is minimalist in approach, stylish and contemporary.  What my projects have in common is quality, style, innovation, clean lines, modern materials and a true sense of place and time…

Styleast is owned by Bridget Meier.  I am a qualified Interior Designer having graduated from the NMMU School of Architecture and Design, and have 11 years of experience in the Interior Design Profession, including international experience, with having worked in the trade in London. I am registered with the IID – the South African Institute of Interior Design as a Senior Professional Designer.

I am passionate about great design, and would love the opportunity to assist you to create a space that you love.