I am busy with a design of a main ensuite bathroom for a client.   Because this is my current focus and I have had  bathrooms on my mind  all week long, I thought I’d share with you some design details that I like to use in a bathroom to really up the ante in the design stakes


  1. Add texture
    I think key to achieving an interesting and inviting bathroom space is to think beyond just plain polished porcelain tiles.  Introducing texture to the bathroom via other interesting wall or floor finishes such as natural stone whether polished or honed, wallpaper, fabrics, and furniture really will take your bathroom from average to amazing!



Shower recess

I love to add a recess in the shower or above a bath if construction allows us too (you need to be able to have a 230 wall to cut into, or else the space to add another skin of brickwork on) Not only is a recess very practical as it stores all your bath products neatly, but it also opens the up the opportunity to add detail, by breaking an expanse of tile or maybe even introducing another finish in the actual recess itself.

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  1. Lighting

What really makes quite a statement is to use pendant lights or wall lights in your bathroom space. I have written lots about feature lighting in the past (read here) and how it completely transforms an interior, not just as a wow factor but an alternative light quality too.  Just watch what the light fitting is made from as you wouldn’t want to use anything that would be compromised from steam or difficult to wipe down.




  1. Bathroom rugs

Why stick to the standard bathroom mats that all the home-retailers sell?   I have spoken time and time again (read here) about what rugs can do to a space and I honestly think a bathroom is no different.  An interesting rug really can introduce texture, pattern and personality to an otherwise utalitarian space.  I am particularly loving the new bathroom rugs that a Haus by Hertex have just launched (see here)


  1. Maximize on your Storage

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is big or small, I think it always important to think about WHAT and HOW you are going to store items in your bathroom.  Often things like where the laundry will go are afterthoughts and a random basket gets purchased with no space for it as it wasn’t thought through.   With proper planning everything can be accommodated for.   If space allows, I love doing shallow wall units for hiding tons of beauty products and medication, as well as an integrated laundry basket- those are the best!