Friday I’m in Love <3

Edition 3

TGIF friends!  We had one of those long-short weeks. Know what we mean? Like it flew right by, but also took forever??? At any rate, we glad it’s done!

Here is a round- up of our weekly favourites…


  • Heritage Day! It’s always great to have a public holiday in the mix, especially one that celebrates our proudly South African heritage. (and love of braaing!)


  • Outdoor spaces need not be all about the braai! They have become a natural extension of your home, and thus should be treated decor-wise as one! We have a few tips to share with you next week on this topic; but for now, we couldn’t resist sharing with you these amazing outdoor rugs! Yes, you read this right! These gorgeous loop pile patterned (right on trend!) rugs are fully compatible to the outdoors, light resistant and can be hosed down to clean. They are available in a Suzani and Trellis pattern in tones of fresh blues, greys and a hint of duck egg. StylEAST is selling these rugs, so please contact us for more information on sizes and prices.
StylEAST is selling these gorgeous outdoor rugs. Available in 2 designs, and 3 colourways
StylEAST is selling these gorgeous outdoor rugs. Available in 2 designs, and 3 colour ways
  • While we the mood for all things outdoorsy, we cant help dreaming of white sandy beaches! Check out Song Saa Private Island. Need we say more?


So on that note, Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend


Friday I’m in Love <3

Edition 2

TGIF! What a week is has been!

  • This week we are loving the” Feedly” app. Trust us! It’s a neat container (with categories!) for all the blogs we love and follow. Gone are the days of frantic scrolling and clicking through bookmarked “love blog” folders. All new posts of your favourite blogs are marked as unread, so very easy to keep track of and catch up! And most importantly, you can add and never miss an entry ;)


  • IOS7. Carina is a little Apple obsessed, so imagine her excitement when the new operating system came out this week! We love the new interface and look.


  • Stoned Cherrie, the homegrown fashion aficionados have branched out and designed their own range of gorgeous, “afro-chic” ceramic tableware. This range is going to be available in stores and online from October . We just love the teapots!
Stoned Cherrie ceramics
Stoned Cherrie ceramics
  • Personalized desktop backgrounds. We are big on these at StylEAST as we spend alot of time in front of our laptops and like to have pretty things to look at in between all the drawing, drafting and admin! October is around the corner (eeek!) so we thought we’d share our inspiration for the next month with you! Feel free to download it and use it on your PC too
October desktop - feel free to download it and use it
October desktop – feel free to download it and use it too!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great (loooong) weekend!




The Illuminati

We can’t stress enough how important lighting is, and what it can do to transform a space.

Today, we would like to give you a few tips on how to decorate with pendants. They are one of those components that us designers use to highlight, illuminate, create separation between rooms…it is a tool we use time and time again. Over kitchen islands, dining tables, coffee tables in the centre of the room, everywhere in fact!

We have major issues with lighting – the incorrect kind!  Just ask any of my old digsmates from our London Town days! I couldn’t cope with the laboratory-like lighting in our lounge. It was so harsh and sterile, and really created an uninviting environment to hang out in. The same can be said for lighting too dim; if you wanting to create a romantic atmosphere, that’s what candles are for! Carina is so obsessed with creating the perfect “ambiance” that she spends hours switching different lights on and off in her house. So yes, lighting is something we are intrinsically aware off!

One of our pet peeves is kitchen lighting, it is often so neglected when it comes to cool lighting. Any kitchen with an island looks amazing with a central pendant or row of them because it draws attention to the whole area. If you fancy giving your kitchen a quick update then do nothing more than adding a pendant, you will be amazed at how transformative it is. Pendants are not just for contemporary homes. If your home is more classical, take it one step further and go down the chandelier-ish route. Here at StylEAST we are big fans of the industrial pendant look, those juxtaposed against slick kitchen cabinetry really pops!

pendants above a kitchen island create interest and define the space
pendants above a kitchen island create interest and define the space (the piglet is cute too!)

The same goes for dining tables : Stick a pendant above and that area immediately becomes more distinct and a feature. Dimmers are crucial here so you can set the mood! (and disguise unappetising food in the shadows!) We love using pendants over bedside pedestals. They really frame a bed and make a feature out of it, and if you have a nice ceiling height in your room, it really enhances it.

pendants grouped over a dining table
pendants grouped over a dining table

Pendants don’t just have to go in  the centre of rooms. Over a console in the corner works equally as well as you can highlight and illuminate whatever is on it. Over a conversational area as well – the possibilities are endless! Pendants also look fabulous in a double volume area, as it really defines the space. Here you can have some fun and do a cluster, or else go large  and do something really dramatic. In  an open plan area, pendants can be your biggest tool in breaking up a space and defining different areas.

a pendant over a console table creates interest
a pendant over a console table creates interest – image courtesy of SOATA

There are so many pendants available out there. play with texture, it accentuates the feature and again, adds some interest to your space. It’s not all about glass, crystal and metal. Think beads, turned timber, leather thongs and ceramics. Willowlamp is a proudly South African company that designs and makes gorgeous pendant light fittings made from bath plugs chains! They very high up on our covet list here at Styleast HQ!

Willowlamp lights - these are made from bath plug chains
Willowlamp lights – these are made from bath plug chains

So there you are – decorating with pendants, game changers they are!


PS. Some more inspiring pictures below!

a country styled kitchen with pendant lights
a country styled kitchen with pendant lights
pendants over bed pedestals - image courtesy of site
pendants over bed pedestals – image courtesy of Site Interiors
pendants made from timber discs
pendants made from timber discs

“Friday I’m in Love”

Edition 1

This is our NEW weekly feature, which is a round-up of the awesome things/products/stuff that we are loving this week:

  • The new Geometrics fabric range from Lula Fabrics – the most beautiful patterns in the most beautiful colours! (Can you tell we a bit pattern-obsessed that the mo?!)Oh so hot right now and bang on trend, but classic at the same time
images courtesy of Lula Fabrics
images courtesy of Lula Fabrics
  • We are loving Ombre glitter nails! Aren’t they so pretty? We’re wearing them right now ;)
pretty Spring nails
pretty Spring nails

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!


The Pattern One

Often trends from the runway make their way into homeware stores and ultimately our living rooms. One of the hot-to-trot fashion trends for Spring this year is pattern and prints, so we have a few ideas on how you can translate that into your home.


Rooms without patterns generally feel shallow and a little one-dimensional (Read : boooooring!) Pattern, whether visual or textural, adds an instant welcoming vibe and altho we designers;(so its second nature to us) we get that pattern seems a bit scary and sends most for the Minimalistic Hills! But fear not, as once you get this low-down you’ll be fine!



If you’re new to the pattern game, start small. A couple of contrasting patterns on cushions maybe, a wow lamp shade, a few vases and accessories are the easiest routes to go down. We are loving these fabulous throws with the oh-so-cool chevron and houndstooth design. ( StlyEAST is selling these, so please contact us if you would like one!)


Another great way of bringing pattern into your interior is through your floor treatment. The obvious is an amazing patterned rug.  Another way would be by using tiles. Black and white porcelain tiles are very striking when used together. They can be used in stripes, or a more traditional checkerboard pattern. There are so many cool patterned tiles also on the market, like the grecian inspired one below


All the tiles are available at Tile Africa

  • Nano Porcelain 600×600 in colour Nero and Blanco @R199 ex Vat,
  • Pattern 150×600, R149.95 per piece)

If you are really adventurous, mixing different patterns creates a very visual and interesting interior space.  Before you go all Jersey-liscious here, we would recommend that you pick a colour and stick to various patterns or prints within that hue, or colours that are complimentary to each other.  Remember patterns need not be bright; playing with patterns and prints within a neutral colour palette can look extremely classy and elegant.


Vary the scale. Its not so much  that you have to worry if some small scale motif goes with something large; its more about making sure not everything is the same. Trade tip no 1: Its all about the CONTRAST! Lots of small-scale patterns in a room can become a kaleidoscopic disaster, so you want to mix it up a tad. Also the more you mix, the more you add detail/confuse the eye (exactly our plan) and your interior becomes more intriguing! High five!!


Join us on Friday for our first instalment of “Friday I’m in Love <3″, our round up of our weekly favourites


The New Kids on the Block

We starting a band!!!

Ok, not quite!

But I am very proud and thrilled to announce (drumroll please!)that StylEAST has grown up and expanded! It is not just a blog, but now a super duper interior design consultancy firm! And we do furniture too!

Furthermore, StylEAST is not just me on my own, but I now have a very talented partner-in-crime ready to take on the world, one-house-office-shop-restaurant-guest house at a time!!

So let me introduce you to Carina, my very capable and talented co-owner of StylEAST!

We go a long way back to the vinyl halls of university (our hair looked alot different back then!) A lot of late nights working, crazy project deadlines and the usual student fun- and-games along the way, we both landed up across the pond in London, trying to make our international designer dreams come true!

Carina spent 3 years getting to grips with the London weather, and interesting terraced houses, before deciding to come home to her native East London. After a few years apart (After London, I was forging my career in Port Elizabeth and then Jozi!) fate would have it that I moved to little-ol’ East London.
We then reconnected, plotted and planned and formulated our dream: To combine our experiences, expertise and creative talent to open up our very own design firm … (with alot more awesome things to come, watch this space!)

So this is StylEAST! This is the exciting news we have been waiting to share!

Please do keep reading our blog, we will be sure to keep you updated with our plans as we go along, share what inspires us, give away some trade tips, not to mention share with you the amazing projects we get to make realities! We are also going to be having a very cool feature called “at home with…” where we will be showcasing some very stylish locals and the amazing homes they stay in!
We are extremely passionate about the city we live in, and will continue to showcase all the very cool things happening locally too!

We are open for business! So please do drop us a note at: and OR you can chat to us on: +27 72 033 2322 (Bridget) and + 27 82 898 7249 (Carina)

Get to know Carina (as interviewed by Bridget)

1. What is your favourite colour?
My lounge wall, black as night, it’s a super dark dramatic blue, makes any seasonal favourite colors pop!

2. Design hero
When I’m big I want to be wonderful like the Wunders crowd… I’ve just turned 30 so I’ll be big in a year!

3. Favourite thing to do on a Sunday?
Playing Pinterest on my iPad and catching up with my friends on The Vampire Diaries. I don’t like to leave the house after 12 on a Sunday, I just don’t.

4. Current hobby

5. Loves
I love East London summers! Born and bred Border beach baby!

6. What is on your bedside table?
Earphones, Gareth Cliff’s “Book on Everything” (which has been gathering dust for 3 months), too many bobby pins (no wonder I can never find any!) and a cold cup of coffee!

7. What do you like collecting?
Jars for my wedding. In fact if anybody wants to contribute to my collection, please email me!

Get to know Bridget (as interview by Carina)

1. What is your favourite colour?
Grey of course, all 500 shades of it! (read my previous blog entry on this colour obsession)

2. Design hero
I am very proudly South African, and think we are living in such an exciting design time in our country. I think the furniture that Haldane Martin has designed has become iconic, and pioneered the way forward for other young designers in our country. I’m also a huge fan of Okha, Tonic and Egg Design.

3. If I wasn’t an interior designer I’d be a ….. designer?
Couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be anything else!

4. Next business trip?
New York! It has been on my list of places-i-gotta-see-soon for as long as I can remember! It classifies as a business trip as I know it will inspire my soul!

5. Why do you prefer EL to Jhb?
It is in my blood! As much as I love the big city lights and buzz of the big smoke, my roots and my heart is here. (Oh, and there is a sea! Big plus!)

6. Your next hobby?
I guess I am a foodie! I am obsessed with cooking, recipe books, reality cooking-tv, (eating yummy things!) and kitchen gadgets!

7. Latest fashion obsession?
Stripes. Can’t buy enough of them! Especially black-and-white ones! Its a problem. Just come and look in my closet!

Carina and Bridget